Load Bank Testing of generators helps to keep them ready for emergencies. You will know your generator output is up to specifications. Written test results are furnished with any recommendation for repair and added to your Service History. Regular resistive Load Bank Testing provides this assurance. Regular testing is the only way you can make sure your power system will operate as specified when you need it most.

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This a world of advanced technology with the need to be constantly operational. When you have to serve a customer base that spans time zones and Continents, it is necessary to have an uninterruptible power source and the ability to generate your own power on demand to carry your industry for an hour...a day... or a week, and for some...months at a time.

If your company’s needs are...to power your basic lighting in your residence, a cellular communications site, a server facility, provide electricity in remote regions of the world for emergency and hospital use or even the electrical demand of a 20 story building , at Tech Power Systems we can engineer and Install your system, warranted through a company in business for over 30 Years.

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