If a customer purchases a generator from a company that is not a factory authorized and certified dealer with trained technicians, they can forfeit their warranty the instant a un-authorized technician opens the unit for diagnostics, start-up preparation, or a simple oil change. This means they should not install or perform a graduated start-up on the system otherwise there will be no warranty at all per requirements for proper warranty initiation.

Remember, this is the industries standard, a decision made in order to avoid faulty installations and a multitude of Generator malfunctioning. At tech power Systems we use trained and authorized employees and partners to ensure your Gensets long life with a factory authorized and enabled warranty.

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This a world of advanced technology with the need to be constantly operational. When you have to serve a customer base that spans time zones and Continents, it is necessary to have an uninterruptible power source and the ability to generate your own power on demand to carry your industry for an hour...a day... or a week, and for some...months at a time.

If your company’s needs are...to power your basic lighting in your residence, a cellular communications site, a server facility, provide electricity in remote regions of the world for emergency and hospital use or even the electrical demand of a 20 story building , at Tech Power Systems we can engineer and Install your system, warranted through a company in business for over 30 Years.

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